16 July 2007

Stupid challenge

Last week received the bloody stupid emails from so call SMAASCA guy?? . Don't know the reason behind the emails but one thing for sure this bugger got nothing to do and really piss off with his Taekwon-do life. This is the emails that sent to me last weeks ...

9/7/07 - Dear Din,
.....Hana, Do,Set Net,Tasut,Yasut,Igop, Yadul, Ahop,Yau.

Did you know that abovementioned...I dont think so.

Please checkup our web on
www.surf.to/smaasca, we dare to challengge you academy for countries benefit...pls do not hesitate to reply,chariot..kyungeh. Thank you.

10/7/07 -My first courtesy reply to the email

..my dearie old friend ....Mr Subra & Tuck Seng...ur intro can caused unpleasant feeling for the receipient la . Bro...even my 5 yrs old daughter can count 1-10 in Korea ..he..he..anyway good to konw that ur're still in TKD ...keep in touch chowww....

Sharifudin Mamat

12/7/07 - Then came the stupid one ..

...forgot to tell you.,did you know that when spar session you cannot beat me at all,all the UTM Jalan semarak students know that,do you remember???? How come you can get 4th Dan within 8 years...but nevermind, I'll salute you for your courage and determination.


14/7/07 - then another stupidity came thru..

dear din,

Actually I'm not the one of the people you just mentioned. They didnt involved at all. Did you recognised yus on my web site. I'm the one who did spar with you on the previous year..dont you remember???? Please take a good look of my face,now I'm back....You have done a good job for TKD and we're appreciate that so much.

see you then

The first thing came across my mind was ...alaaa ni mesti Subra nak main kan aku ni.. The above picture were all my old buddies...Subra, Tuck Seng, Yus and the late Mr.Daljit . That guys were my regular competitor during my old days of tournament ..1990-1995 and quite close with all of them and other PTS (Persatuan TKD Selangor) members. The guy who sending me the email is on the first left ...

My reply for the email .....

Dear ..yus or whoever behind the bill steer name..

I've gone thru all 20yrs the pains in TKD ..in tournament..grading and I've made tones of friends (but NO single enemy!) ..I remember all the sweet memories I hv with all my sparring partners who beat me and whom I beat them in the tournament...I'm still can recall my sparring time with PTS group at Bukit Bintang Plaza under the late (with my high respect..) Sir Daljit Singh. but sorry..I could'nt recall that I happened to sparr and loosen to u ..my friend. But still in the spirit of CIPSI I will admit that and let the whole world know that I hv been beaten like hell to a CHAMPION like u (if that the one you want) but please just let my academy run freely ..I dont want to challenge and accept any bloody useless challenge now and in future! I'hv tones of work to do, an ACADEMY to run and my family to care about....got no time for the childish act...

p/s : If u want to question my 4th DAN BB ..just email the question to Grandmaster Dato'Sabree Salleh or Master Amir Md Noor...he will answer on that for me. By the way....why questioning others RANK ..u should question why after YEARS u still at that rank? Or my apology if you're now higher rank than me... Another thing....I already 22 years in TKD and I got my 3rd DAN in 1996 and my 4th DAN in 2002 ...I can't find the 8 yrs that u mentioned ....Adios...

Malas aku nak layan email2 bodo cam gini...nanti aku sekali sebodo dgn penghantar ni. Dah matured2 ni malas aku nak layan ..tp kalau zaman tgh bujang dan aktif tournament dulu aku any time....skrg ni bagi aku baik kita fight dgn akademi masing2..akademi saper yg lebih ramai ahli ..akademi saper yg palling byk menang dan akademi saper yg kuar 2 pages dlm KOSMO ..he..he..

Apa-apapun buat "Yus" ke saper ke yg masih kenal aku yg pernah spar dgn aku yg pernah menang dgn aku yg pernah kalah dgn aku ....bawak2 la mengucap ..zaman org cabar org ni dah tak der dah ..tu zaman Hang Tuah dulu boleh la atau dlm citer "Karate Kid ker..Shimbe dlm Ninja Boy ke boleh la aku terima.
Mana la aku nak ingat beratus org yg pernah aku spar ..kalau nak dikira dr 1990-1996 UTM sajer aku ader average 60 students setahun ..so kalu dah 6 tahun dah jadi 360 ..campur dgn Skudai ader dlm 250 so dah 610 org. Aku biasanya akan spar dgn semua student aku (tolak pompuan la..). Setiap kali tournament aku akan spar dlm 4-5 round ..dlm setahun aku akan participate dlm 7-8 tournament so dah jadi 40-50 org aku akan spar . Korang imagine la sendiri mcmn aku nak ingat muka2 yg pernah spar dgn aku.
Penat dah weh aku nak ngira berapa org yg aku pernah spar dan berapa org aku pernah menang dan berapa org aku pernah kalah ... seingat aku pengalaman sparring yg paling teruk aku pernah kena ialah dlm tahun 1989 masa aku Black Tip ...terkena Turning Kick member aku masa kelas Tn Yusof kat atas Kedai Roti John K.Bharu. Masa tu aku 3 hari dlm wad ..sebab cheek bone aku patah ...tu la yg injury yg paling teruk pernah aku rasa. Dan sparring yg paling teruk masa aku sparr dgn budak Cina (90kgs) dlm kategori Open Black Belt masa kat Skudai (Kejohanan TKD Terbuka Skudai 1990). Tu pun x der la sampai x bangun cuma seksa jugak la nak melepaskan 1.5 minit tu..ye la aku 48 kg dia 90 kg!..(tp aku dpt byr balik kat Cina tu 3 tahun kemudian masa aku jumpa dia kat suku akhir kejohanan Terbuka JB..he..he..).
OK la ..ni yg aku malas nak update blog ni ..mesti panjang lebar punyer...chowww
Oooppss ...macam yg aku promise dlm email aku tu ..
p/s : tp errrr..gaban2 awak...awak ader berapa student skrg? Berapa kelas yg dah awak bukak ..dlm KOSMO awak pernah kuar ke x?..hu..hu....

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