23 August 2005

1st Response...

....after such a long way ....my blog received 1st comment ..(excluded from Iena la..). Today's hit exceeded 70hits..(plus 45hits from my IP ..he..he..). This blog purposely in Malay just to cater my Malay reader (kalau ada laaa....)and also for my writting satisfaction. For the rest ...my official web www.dinstaekwondo.com still available to surf.
Why 2 webs?
www.dinstaekwondo.com mainly for my official Taekwondo items/stuff. Purposely build to serve as an official website for my Academy.
dinstkd.blogspot.com however is my "writting pad" ...to write notes/issues/news/event and the most important things are my Jurnal of life in Taekwondo (through out all the years devoted to this arts).
This blog will be filled up with my whole life Taekwondo stories..experience... so some of the stories only can be understood by martial artist.

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